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a Waves blockchain DAOICO project


20000+ scam and spam tokens. This number is growing every day. ICOs that do not earn the trust of community but only marketise themselves get your money and disappear. Meanwhile, great initiatives, projects and games are dying without trust and promo, just because you just dont know about their existence! Community is fragmentated - no place to apply your expertise and benefit from it. We are going to change this situation with Waves Platform!
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TrustAmust is a platform where Crownfunding meets Freelance and meets Blockchain's tokenization. All projects and initiatives included in the trustAmust platform are subject to public voting. Each participant of the system: the founder, adviser and the user decides how a particular project is worthy of trust and attention. Every member of the system has influence ! Everyone is invited !

Decentralized opinions

All projects and initiatives will pass through the voting process of community and advisers.
YOU should decide whats good and what’s bad for the eco system of the Waves Platform. You will help «Blockchain for the People» become really democratic!

Secured choice

Each project is included in the decentralized trust building platform. The declared project blocks part of its branded tokens and WCT tokens, getting the right to nominate its project for the community, to involve advisors in cooperation, for users to vote and build their personal trust. The initial Deposit of the project is a guarantee of its intentions for the community.


The WCT token is used for voting. Voting users are regularly rewarded by projects for which they cast their votes. The amount of remuneration depends on a number of parameters that can be taken into account by users when deciding to vote. At the same time, users can change their decision at any time and freely dispose of their votes depending on their preferences.


Advisers are people who provide specialized support to the project at the stages of its development in their specialized field. There is a community of advisors on the platform of trust, which can be involved in cooperation. Such participation allows both to realize the skills to profile experts to applicants ,and to receive the professional help and an assessment of such experts interested in development of projects.

New ICO model - DAICO

In the process of achieving a certain level of trust on the test platform, projects can Deposit their branded tokens for crowdfunding (initial asset allocation). The volume of placement is proportional to the level of community trus. The funds raised can be spent in stages. ESCROW service included.

Fund rounds

Placement and voting takes place in real time and can be tied to the stages of development of the initiating project, which actually allows investors to analyze the progress of a project, and make a decision on the acquisition of an asset.


Done and path to come
  1. Proof of concept

    Testing concept and ideas.

  2. Feedback from WAVES PLATFORM team

    Discussion of the concept and possible ways of developing and releasing the idea.

  3. Block schemes ready

    Prototyping in the form of a block of schemes and refinement of the concept.

  4. MVP

    Development of primary functionality (MVP): personal accounts of participants,project accounts, decentralized voting system.

  5. Alpha version

    Verification of the accounts of the advisers, the summarization of metrics on the accounts of startups, the formation of a General table of the current ranking of the projects.

  6. Beta

    Activation of the ability the initial placement of the coins for the projects in proportion to the trust level of the community (DAOICO). Activation ESCROW service for projects of conductive ICO.

  7. Betatesting

    Debug. Integration with WavesDex exchange.

  8. Public beta

    Releasing beta to the public.


As a result, this will allow to form a more transparent market of assets and labor on the platform. Volume growth network transactions. This will remove barriers to entry into the project market and risks for users ,crypto investors, as well as provide additional interest for job seekers and freelancers, developers and other market participants. In addition to the above cases, this concept is an original solution for the promotion of projects. At the same time, you can implement a campaign promotion of any scale, from the sale of tickets to the theater to the assets in the business.


This concept is based on a balanced motivation of interested market participants, which eliminates the possibility of unilateral benefits from unfair actions by the participants of the system. The key terms of interaction and mechanisms of the platform are presented in the form of smart contracts, protected by the decentralization provided by the public blockchain waves and are in the public domain. (VIDEO IN RUSSIAN, english version incoming)


Each owner of the WCT token has the right to vote, the number of tokens determines the weight of this vote. The owner can use the weight of his voice to support one or more projects and receive real-time rewards in the form of token accruals of the selected project. The User can analyze the rating of projects, evaluate the prospects of bonuses for votes and build whole investment strategies, which in turn is an additional motivation.


Driven by Vision and Expertise

Roman Korolev

Founding Technology Officer

Eugene Grebennikov


Dmitry Kiselev

Founder Blockchain Adviser

Marina Klishina